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We Recover Unpaid Wages for Tipped Employees

Employers pay tipped employees less than any other category of worker. As a result, strict laws apply. If you are required to perform sidework while being paid your regular server or bartender “tipped” rate, you could be owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. Contact us for a free consultation and we will perform a custom evaluation of your case. Our client’s never pay us out of pocket for anything. 


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Common violations for tipped employees include:
  • Impermissible Types of Sidework: Tasks such as cleaning assigments, preparing food, and fulfilling to-go or delivery orders,benefit your employer but reduce your opportunity to earn tips. The law requires that you be paid the full minimum wage when performing such tasks. We'll fight to ensure you're compensated for all side duties, not just direct customer service.

  • Impermissible Amounts of Sidework: Tasks such as rolling silverware, refilling condiments, stocking, and bussing tables are subject to strict time limits. If you spend more than 30-minutes performing any type of sidework, you are entitled to the full minimum wage for such time. We have a proven track record in recovering these unpaid wages.

  • Tip Retention: Federal law mandates that you be entitled to retain all your tips. If you are subject to “charge backs” for customer walk outs, breakage, ordering mistakes, or are required to pay for your uniform, your employer may be prohibited from paying you anything less than the full minimum wage

Why Choose Simon Law Co.?

  • Sidework Experts: Our lawyers understand the nuances of wage and hour laws, particularly regarding sidework and tipped employees.

  • Proven Track Record: We have a history of successfully recovering fair pay for clients in a variety of sidework situations. We have recovered millions of dollars in unpaid wages for servers and bartenders across the country. There is no case that is too big or too small. You work hard and should be paid everything you are owed. We have made this our mission.

Don't Let Unpaid Sidework Steal Your Wages.
Contact Simon Law Co. Today for a Free Consultation
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